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Eye contact
It is difficult to call a conversation languid, in which the interlocutors sit, buried in their phones. Don't underestimate the importance and effectiveness of eye contact! According to a study by Harvard psychologist Zeke Rubin, when people are in love, they look at each other during the conversation 75% of the time. Of course, sometimes it can be difficult to cope with excitement, especially if you really like a man, but still make an effort. Are you serious and will not let another, more enterprising girl take your prince away?

Genuine Interest

According to research conducted by the University of Nevada and the University of Washington, good listening not only makes you a pleasant conversationalist, but also increases your chances of successfully winning the heart of the man you like. We all like it when we are listened to with sincere interest, without trying to interrupt or pull the blanket over ourselves. Such an approach is conducive to itself, causes a desire to open up to a person. Ask a man questions and emotionally react to what he says. But don't turn it all into a theatrical performance. If excessive emotionality has never been inherent in you, just behave naturally. Sincerity is very important.


Feeling of importance

After all, you like to communicate with people next to whom you feel that you are valued, respected and considered a special person, don't you? Men like it too. Be that person for him. Let him enjoy this pleasant atmosphere and he will get hooked on it before you even blink an eye.

Joy and positive energy

A study conducted at Drake University showed that we subconsciously perceive people who smile as more attractive, confident and sexy. In addition, it is more pleasant to communicate and spend time with such people. And men are drawn to it.


Our psyche is arranged in a very interesting way. It just so happens that when we help a person with something, we automatically begin to feel more sympathy for him than before. This has been scientifically proven - this phenomenon has even been called the "Benjamin Franklin effect". Just ask a man to do you a small favor, and then thank him for his help. You can, for example, ask him to search for something for you on the Internet. By the way, during this he will also keep your image in his head - this also plays into your hands.

Compliments and admiration

Give him compliments, but don't go overboard with them. Clothes, hairstyle, voice, sense of humor or intelligence - praise in a man what you like most about him. You can add some sexual overtones (if your relationship and situation allows it).

His name


Another proven psychological fact is that we like it when people call us by our first names. This happens because of the ingenious structure of our brain. And besides, it makes your conversation more personal and intimate.

Gestures and mimicry

Even if you consciously copy his gestures and posture, his subconscious considers everything as it should and will plant in his head the belief that a strong connection has been established between you. Of course, it should look natural and unobtrusive - we still have subtle psychological games here, and not a parody show.

Common interests

Psychologists say that we tend to fall in love with people with whom we share the same values, similar life experiences and common interests. Opposites, of course, can attract, but still, it is easier for us to establish a connection with people who are close in spirit.

Opinion and tips

Being interested in his opinion on a particular issue and asking for advice, you show that you respect him and consider him a person whose reasoning you can rely on. It caresses the ego and makes it feel better in your company.

Important: all these tricks will be useless if a man sees that you are ready to do anything to get him. If you chase him, constantly spinning around him and clinging, your chances that he will fall in love with you will tend to zero. Remember self-respect - if this man's heart does not succumb to its charms, calmly accept defeat and move on. The sea is still full of fish.