One of the main questions that worries guys before a first date is where to invite a girl. It seems that the most terrible stage has already been passed: to meet and get her phone number. However, when looking for a suitable place for a first date, you can add gray hair to yourself. We will not list the locations where you can go - there are a huge number of them. Let's take a look at the places where you definitely shouldn't have a first date.


Here are a few places that will make a terrible first date:

Bowling. There is absolutely nothing romantic about this. Moreover, there is nothing to do there. Both of you will feel as uncomfortable as possible - especially considering that there will be 100% cheerful companies around who have known each other for a long time. And here you are with your first date.

Creative evening. Poetry, play reading, and other creative activities are completely unsuitable for a first date. Most likely, the girl will feel awkward all evening, and then retreats, saying only a couple of words. Do you really want to ruin your date? Then a creative evening is a great choice.

Excursion. Believe me, on the first date, the girl wants to listen to you, not the tour guide. And it's good if you choose some interesting excursion, and not boring walking between the exhibits in the museum, where all the locals have been at least 10 times. In the eyes of a girl, such a date is a vivid confirmation of your inferiority complex.

Dinner with friends. Remember the important rule: the first date is for two only. If you decide to spend it with friends, think: in what status will you present your companion? Who is she to you - a girl, a friend? Don't put yourself in an awkward position. And if you're afraid you won't be able to handle face-to-face communication, then you need to practice, and not rely on chatty friends.

Dinner with relatives. This is the worst option imaginable. Dragging a lady who doesn't necessarily become your girlfriend to meet your parents right away is a failure. The companion will feel out of place and will quickly find a reason to leave.

Otherwise, you can choose a place for a date to your taste and color. If you don’t want to screw up, give preference to proven options: a cafe, a walk in the park. And by the way, no movies! Sitting hand in hand in awkward silence for the entire movie is not a very bright prospect.