Never criticize a woman!

A man should not criticize his woman. Never. Especially on people. The normal state for a normal man is to always take the side of his wife, even if she is absolutely wrong.

I say the same to women, because it is absolutely pointless to criticize your husband. There is an illusion that if you point out a flaw to a man, he will change. It will not happen.

But a woman can change from criticism. She, of course, will get sick, break down, but she will change. The man doesn't change at all. I always tell women that a man changes only in one case: if he himself decided to change.

It is easier for a man to change the source of criticism - a woman - than to change himself. But at the same time, women themselves have many opportunities to quietly change a man.

The coolest way to do this is to feed him daily. If a woman prepares food and meditates on something, then a man absorbs it.


And one day he suddenly says at dinner: “Honey, maybe you and I should go on vacation to Spain?”

The wife admires and asks: “How did you guess that I dream about this?”

And she herself has been meditating on this for the seventh month, while she cooks in olive oil, watches films about Barcelona and so on. If you criticize a woman, several unpleasant things can happen.

The first thing that can happen is that she will become depressed. Depression is when her measured life is destroyed. And for a woman it is very important to live a calm, measured life, when she knows what will happen 25 years ahead: children will grow up, grandchildren will go, and so on.

She should wake up in the morning and think that now she will have breakfast, her husband will go to work, then she will go shopping, and tomorrow it will be so-and-so.

If you start criticizing her, it all falls apart. She has to wake up and get up at the same time, and her world collapses from criticism. Then the woman starts to get depressed.


Depression is a persistent inability to enjoy what you have. And if you criticize a woman, then after a while she will not like everything. And a man will not be able to trace the connection between the fact that he criticizes her and the fact that she does not like everything.

The second thing a woman gets from criticism is stress. This means that her body produces testosterone. It is for this reason that she needs to be less in society - after all, the more stress, the more the male hormone testosterone.

This hormone moves a man, inspires, and destroys a woman, because she must go forward on a different fuel, on female hormones - oxytocin, serotonin, and so on.

In stress, she has solid testosterone, and then - once! She already has hairy breasts. And the woman becomes closed, angry and frigid.

Why does a woman become frigid? Because she's losing trust in you. You criticize her, and she loses confidence and, as a result, becomes frigid. Because she just doesn't like you.

Because women are not the same as men. For a man, by and large, it doesn't matter what kind of relationship he has with a woman. She's beautiful, he wanted her, and that's enough for him.


But women are different. She cannot want you if you criticize her, if the wallpaper is not pasted, if you offended her. For her, the most important thing in sex is trust, because sex is the maximum form of openness for a woman.

And she can't open up if the kids haven't had dinner, that's not it, that's not it, if she's tired at work, if someone offended her, and because of a lot of amazing things.

Or she has not yet come out of a previous relationship with her head and attracted into your life a lot of everything that she wanted to express to her previous husband. It is very dangerous to marry a woman who has just divorced, and it is very dangerous to marry a man who has just divorced.

They say that after a divorce, at least a year must pass before you enter into a new relationship. And it should not just be an annual quarantine, it is also necessary to get out of these relations correctly.

Otherwise, all the bad things that were in the previous relationship will pass into the new ones. Another important point: from criticism, a woman ceases to respect herself, her self-esteem drops.

The more you criticize her, the lower her self-esteem. At the same time, it is curious that the term “self-esteem” cannot be applied to women at all. It is always important for her how someone else evaluates her.


Men have self-esteem. If we do something right, our self-esteem grows, and we can always easily raise it ourselves. We think to ourselves: “I’m a cool pepper, and it doesn’t matter who is there and what they say about me.”

We think that if someone says bad things about us, it means they are jealous. But try, tell a woman that she is a sheep, and that's it, she will immediately shrink, her self-esteem will fall.

A man can go down and up on his own. But a woman cannot, so she should be praised, not criticized. A woman needs to be told how good she is, how you love her, that she is the best. And you can not only criticize her yourself, but also let her communicate with those who do not love her.

The task of a man is to protect his wife from any negativity. If you are always on her side, then it raises her self-esteem great. One must be able to make a choice in favor of a wife, sometimes sacrificing something, for example, friends.

Let's say you agreed to go with friends to football in Barcelona in three months, bought tickets, your wife was in the know and agreed, but on the day of departure she has a tantrum: "No one loves me, I feel so bad, you leave me alone."

And you say: "That's it, I'm not going anywhere, because you feel bad." You call your friends and tell them: "Get your tickets, I'm staying with my wife, she's depressed."

And the wife’s self-esteem immediately begins to grow, she calms down and in 99 percent of cases says: “Well, why are you sitting, go to football with your friends!”


It is very important for her to know that you are ready to give up something for her. It is useless to remind your wife that you agreed in advance that she knew exactly when you were flying to Barcelona. Because in response you will hear: "You put pressure on me."

If a woman's self-esteem drops, she will begin to pour negativity on your children. Well, or another option - she will break up with you. Why do I say that it is she who will break up with you?

Because, according to statistics, in most cases, the initiator of a divorce is a woman. And in all other cases, the reason is another woman who initiated your divorce from your wife and kicked you, kicked you before that.

For a man to file for divorce himself, something out of the ordinary must happen - she ate his children, or something like that. A man does not change anything from what works. What for? It works, why change it?