Divination on a pendulum

If you want to expand your spiritual practice, try pendulum predictions that you can do yourself. For those unfamiliar with divination, pendulums are made up of crystal, stone or metal pendant on a long chain. With the right attitude and lots of practice, they can be used to test intuition in the future.

Divination on a pendulum

The term can be traced back to ancient China, Egypt, and Rome, where people are believed to have used pendulums to ask divine creatures questions, such as where they should plant their crops or where the spirits come from. And, in the Middle Ages, traps (or divination) were used to find water and metals in the ground.         

For fortune-telling, hang a nut or a ring on a thread, and ask a question, if the pendulum swings left and right, then it means yes, and if it swings away from you and towards you, then it means no, and if in a circle, then the answer is uncertain.         

How to use the pendulum.        

The pendulum as a divination method has found numerous uses. It can be used to diagnose illnesses, find water, lost things, people, identify and label different types of home energies, assess the state of each of the chakras of the human body… This list goes on and on, although some complex definitions are only for the hands of specialists. In this sense, the pendulum is akin to the dowsers' frame. The ease of use of the pendulum as a diagnostic tool should not be misleading. The pendulum requires a minimum concentration from a person, but it forces you to keep an open mind. In other words, you should not try to control the oscillations - you should let the pendulum swing freely. Once the Questioner reaches the necessary state of impartiality, one should keep in mind:       

♦ The pendulum is kept completely still, so that then mentally concentrate on the disturbing issue. Theoretically, the pendulum should start to move, and depending on the type of movement and direction, one can read the answer to the question;       

♦ if the pendulum rotates clockwise, the answer to the question is positive, if against - negative;       

♦ Another type of pendulum movement is swinging. Vertical means yes, horizontal means no. But this method is not so widely used. Keep the pendulum calm, do not try to consciously control its movements. The best way to get used to the pendulum is to go around your house with it; see how it will move over a vase of water, an alarm clock or a TV. The pendulum will quickly make it clear how it reacts to various radiations and energies that exist in our environment.       

It is also interesting to observe how the pendulum behaves over an animal or a person. For example, ask someone close to lie down and draw a pendulum over him, without touching the body, from head to toe, crossing the areas of action of the corresponding chakras. You will notice that the pendulum will indicate with various oscillations where the energy fields of the human body are located. So a person can understand the state of various organs. In order to determine the energy charge of the human body, you just need to place the pendulum over his palm and find out its energy characteristics by the speed of rotation. Once a person has come into contact with the pendulum and has tried the easy exercises already described, he can begin to practice other techniques, such as searching for missing objects. With the help of a pendulum, you can find old coins or jewelry, look for underground springs and water flows. There are many other possibilities as well.       

Ask if what you are thinking about will come true and click on the pendulum     

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