Anonymous revelations of heroines that they can't share with anyone else.

Increased or decreased libido does not depend on gender. Therefore, the assertion that sex is more necessary and important for men than for women is erroneous. If one does not want to have sex three times a week or a day, it does not mean that something is wrong with him. Similarly, another does not immediately need to think badly about himself, if, on the contrary, he wants to constantly.

There is absolutely no need for panic here. It is better to analyze your feelings without unnecessary injections and talk with a doctor. Perhaps you need to drink some vitamins or something. Maybe your body is signaling something more important. Sometimes such periods are spontaneous, and the only thing that can be done is to wait.

The heroines of our article admitted that they want intimacy more often than their partners. For them, this indefatigable desire became a problem. In their stories, they anonymously shared their personal thoughts and experiences on this issue, as well as what way they found for themselves.

Important! If the words of the heroines did not find a response in you, try to survive the fleeting negativity on your own and not judge anyone.

Kate: "I imagine sex all day long"


“I am the same girl who is ready in bed for any experiments. I'm fine with sex in the woods, bar toilets, bondage, sex toys, threesomes, and more. I can have sex anywhere and at any time of the day. My husband is not a hypocrite and is also open to many things, but once every two weeks is enough for him. For me, this is very little, so I imagine sex all day long. I look at the people around and imagine how we could have fun with them. But I will never cheat on my husband, I love him very much. Therefore, I limit myself to fantasies.

Helga: "At least one more lover backwater"


"I'm 28 years old. The husband is a sailor, he is not at home for months. The first time I was waiting for him, I was dying without sex, but I was waiting. When my husband returned, I hoped that now we would come off with him. However, everything was not very good. The result was a lover. He has his own family, so we do not strain each other in any way. We meet only to sleep. But I also have unstable sex with my lover - he can’t always come when I need to. And now I do not understand what to do. How people go months or years without sex. I miss him sorely, and vibrators do not like. At least one more lover backwaters.

Victoria: “After the second birth, my roof was torn off”

“My husband and I had perfect compatibility in sex. We can say that we are asexuals, that is, once a month was enough. We broke up with previous partners precisely because for them such sexual inactivity was strange. In general, we lived in such harmony for 10 years, but after the second birth, my roof was torn off. Compared to the past need, it is like heaven and earth. I want at least 3-4 times a week. I literally throw myself at my husband, but he refuses me and does not understand why I behave this way.

I already thought that something with hormones, was examined up and down. but the tests showed that everything is in order. I do not know what to do. Due to dissatisfaction, she became irritable. I don’t want to change, because everything else is perfect with us. How you want me to become cold again and want nothing.

Jessica: "Seduced my friend's father"

“I am 29, married for a long time. The husband is wonderful, smart, kind, loving, makes good money, but a year after the wedding, it turned out that he was asexual and a workaholic. And I need sex every day. In general, it got to the point that I seduced my friend's father. It turned out that he is a chic lover, despite his 49 years. His wife is long dead, and he gives all his energy to me. Before him, I did not even think that there could be so many orgasms. It seems to me that the husband knows everything, but does not interfere, because it is also so convenient for him.