The most popular meeting place today is the Internet. In its open spaces, girls of different ages are actively looking for their soulmate. And the result of this search is often fascinating and funny dating stories. Both happy successful and completely failed. Below are the most interesting of them from the Reddit website.


“I posted my real photo on a dating site. Two guys texted me right away. At first I was delighted. But then one of them said that I need to lose 15 kg, and the other - 25 kg. At this point, I just wanted to escape from the network. And my online experiments are over.” — Loreo1964 “I met a cool guy. Everything was good in online communication, except for a few moments. We did not match in some interests. For example, he drank milk instead of coffee and watched movies but didn't read books. I thought it was little things. But later it turned out that a girl who used photos of her best friend without his knowledge was talking to me corny. Since then, I don't trust people who don't like coffee." - Marcelo

“Once I very quickly after meeting and a short correspondence went on a date. It was a guy from a neighboring country. He proposed marriage to me. But not because of love at first sight, but so that he could get citizenship and a discount at the nearest supermarket. And another friend from Tinder invited me to a bar. He was already drunk and now and then went out into the street to sell cocaine. And he brought one of his friends, with whom I talked all evening. It's funny that we ended up becoming friends with that drunk guy. Still, it was the worst date of my life.” — Badmammajamma007